Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Retro Gamer - Tangent Special

by KenW

Crazy,insane,stupid and WTF all sum up this weeks show. After some issues with the ep that was scheduled to come out, we thought it would best give something to listen to till next week. So listen to us to just bull shit, chit chat and joke around. We also included reviews of Zombie ate my neighborer and Excitebike ENJOY!

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Thevolution Video Game Talk Radio Episode #55

KILLZONE Developer Working On New IP, How Good Is The New Madden NFL 11 Demo?, Heavenly Sword 2 Not Giving Any Attention, HALO REACH Looking More & More Promising, Conduit 2 & Metroid Other M Hot New Wii Titles, Top 10 Games This Generation, Battlefield Bad Company 3 beta explained and much more...

MADDEN NFL 11 | Insomniac Games | Battlefield Bad Co 3 | Ubisoft 3D | Xbox 360

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Game Central Podcast

by Staff

Chris Parsons of Muzzy Lane Software drops by to discuss their grand strategy game Making History II. While on “The Playground,” we explore the relationship of movie writing to game writing. And the return of “Pansy or Not Pansy.”

Accelerated Gaming - Death of Diz

by (Louie Villalobos)
Accelerated Gaming

Here you have the latest episode of Accelerated Gaming. We had some technical difficulties last week and we've since lost a founding member of the Gen X squad. Deal with it.

* Where's Matthew?
* Medal of Honor/Battlefield 3 beta
* Starcraft II
* Does DLC ruin a good game?
* I don't know. We talk about games and stuff.
* So stop reading this and just hit play.
* Seriously, do it.



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Original Gamer Podcast Level 53 - Interview with Gamecrush Founder Eric Strasser and Playdate Gina

by (
Gamecrush lets guy gamers pay to play with female gamers. Some consider it to be a joke, but you can't deny that it is insanely popular. We talked with one of the founders of, Eric...

With some of the greatest gamers around, Original Gamer podcast goes over the gaming news that other podcast don't cover. Visit for more.

Video Game Warzone #95

by Torrence Davis
Video Game Warzone is where gamers talk games and occasionally go at each other in heated debates over graphics, technology and anything else that get’s thrown into the mix.

Monday, August 2, 2010

PSN @ Home - Episode 17

by Jordan Slominski
itunes pic
PSN@HOME Podcast Episode 17 Starring Host - Jordan Slo Co-Host - James Dahl Co-Host - Andrew Flores Co-Host - Bryan Weber Topics -intro -Rumor Mill -Medal of honor frontline HD also to be sold sepreately -Agent news and GamesCom -Uncharted 3 rumor buisness Topic #1 Red Dead Redemption DLC -Too pricey? -too split? Topic #2 Limited editions -how limited are they? -what should be in them? -are they worth? if you do or don't have the cash? -Closing Comments