Monday, May 31, 2010

Gaming Goons Episode #15 - Is Microsoft Slipping?

Gaming Goons
The Goons have returned after a brief hiatus, we never really left we just had some scheduling conflicts. While we haven't been on the scene, quite a bit has happened in the gaming and tech arena, so we touch on quite a few topics that interested us the most. Same shirt different dirt, hit that button and make it do what it do. Read more to watch the show in video form. The MP3 download and stream are located directly under the topics. The new iTunes link is above the shows topics.

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Dave - Gameronduty
Chase - Chase167
Mike - Daze311
Jon - JShaw6105

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  • What's New With The Crew
  • Apple Dethrones Microsoft
  • Is Microsoft Losing Their Touch?
  • Natal and Move Pricing Debate
  • Green Day Rockband Coming June 8
  • Little Big Planet 2 Announced. Sony Says GT5 Will Come Out First
  • PSN+ Premium Service, Real or Real BS?
  • Are Exclusives Really Going The Way Of The Dodo?
  • Virgin Making A Console?
  • Killzone 3 Announced. What Should We Expect To See?
  • Red Dead Redemption Impressions
  • Is EA Making A Comeback? Not If They Aren't Careful
  • Insomniac Goes Multiplatorm, Makes A 1 Game Deal With EA

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