Sunday, May 30, 2010

Generation X Episode 46: Down with Exclusivity and First Party


In this episode, GenX'ers celebrate the Insomniac Games Announcement of teaming up with EA to release a multiplatform title and we discuss whether exclusivity is a thing of the past and what it means for gamers. We go on a mission to discover who and why the recent departures from Microsoft Games. Heavy Rain could possibly be coming to the PC according to Envidia. Motion Controls makes a return in our discussion when breaking down the validity of Project Natal and The Sony Move controls and if they are just rip-offs of the Nintendo Wii controls. With the recent release of Alan Wake and the completion of Alan Wake by Diz and Louie, we discuss what are our game of the year's are so far. NPD has released an article counting down the hours an average gamer plays video games and we ponder if there is a better way to spend your time, especially when recapping past and current times in our lives that video games become more than what we see on the screen. We also discuss whats been tickling our consoles as of late including: Alan Wake, Red Dead Redemption, UFC Undisputed 2010, Splinter Cell: Conviction, and Modnation Racers And ofcourse we find out ways during the podcast to poke fun at the world as usual and end it off with another GamerTunes. Stay tuned.

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