Wednesday, May 26, 2010

PC PC Games Ep. 22 Pirating is NOT killing PC gaming!

What is this, Epic talking about piracy… one would think they know what they talk about… well one would think!? We give you plenty of reasons why it isn’t so, even go so far and quote someone that has to know better… Cliff Harris.
Our other talking points are:
  • Epic developer on piracy… epic fail!
  • Visit Cliff Harris and buy at least one of his games, do it NOW!
  • Split Second, or how not to release a demo
  • The looking glass… Blur is due this week
  • A look back “Flat Out” so much fun but oh so unstable
  • APB pre-purchase sale or how not to “entice people to preorder
  • Alpha Protocol pre-purchase goodies, that’s better
  • Apple in the News
  • Google in the News
  • We recommend a TV show, go watch some “Community
  • Torchlight… to MMO, or not to MMO?!
  • Square Enix.. has mucho profit
  • Bioware… DLC promise made again (in the past and not kept)
  • Red Dead Redemption… we miss it on the PC
  • Pachter is wrong again… we are not surprised
  • PC Gaming Alliance… what alliance?!
  • Now not just EA is charging for resold games, more reasons not to buy console!
  • Vote your Mountain Dew Flavor (apparently “White Out” is the one to vote for)
  • HP ENVY17 is on order
  • BFG is out of the video card market
  • What does Eyefinity look like in games
  • Sears in need of someone that takes pics for them
  • Another look at EPIC’s piracy statement
  • PC’s looking better the longer there is no new console
  • Curlen has two 5870’s and what that means for his current motherboard

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