Saturday, June 5, 2010

PC PC Games Ep. 23 It’s all a BLUR and MMO news

Because of the Holiday (and my hardware) this came a bit later than usual. Here is a shout out to all Veterans, not just in the US. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to speak our mind freely. Hard to imagine what it would be like if we couldn’t go on a random rant about this or that having to mind what toes we could step on.
We talked plenty about all sorts of games this week. Blur stuck out and nearly all regulars have purchased it. Mario Cart on crack sounds about right… here are the other things we touched on:
  • Blur
  • StarTrek Online
  • Login Conference (MMO)
  • Another look at APB (All Points Bulletin)
  • New MMO Subscibtion Models are coming
  • Stolen MMO accounts and the economy behind it
  • Why you should not try to steal games at a gaming conference (PAX East)
  • Some people spend way to much money on Digital items
  • DRM News
  • Pachter is wrong again… why not
  • SEGA on the bad DRM wagon?
  • Another 360 bites the dust
  • New 360’s this Christmas?
  • Valve dominating future PC sales
  • STEAM ramblings
  • Some cell phone talk
  • BIG Foot Network News (Josh Called It)
  • Are gamers really tired of certain time periods (WWII)
  • Need for Speed World only $20… but…
  • Steve Jobs
  • Micro ATX and CrossFire don’t mix

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