Sunday, June 6, 2010

RPG Countdown (04 June 2010)

Welcome to RPG Countdown. This bi-weekly show features the hottest selling RPG products.
This episode of the Countdown covers the period between 16 May 2010 and 29 May 2010.
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RPG Countdown (04 June 2010)
The Hot List
10: Loot 4 Less, Vol. 6: Cloaks and Daggers, Super Genius Games
9: Player’s Strategy Guide, Wizards of the Coast
8: Castle Bravo, Pelgrane Press
7: The Genius Guide to Dream Magic, Super Genius Games
6: GURPS Psis, Steve Jackson Games
5: Class Options, Vol. 3: Rangers Renewed!, Gun Metal Games
4: The Genius Guide to Archer Archetypes, Super Genius Games
3: Pyramid #3/19: Tools of the Trade, Clerics, Steve Jackson Games
2: GURPS City Stats, Steve Jackson Games
1: The Dresden Files, Evil Hat Productions

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