Sunday, July 25, 2010

Gaming Goons - Games Galore (Update)

by (David Simpson)

Gaming Goons

As you all know E3 is dead and gone and now it's back to business. There are a lot of new games coming down the pipe for the next 9 months, some look real good, others no so much. Regardless gamers should be very happy because the more options the better, when they release more games we all win. We tried to keep the show down to about 3 hours but this one ran for about 4 hours so bare with us and listen to the show in smaller parts if you can. We are going to try a new format starting next week and we are also going to keep the shows to a 3 hour maximum from here on out. You know what to do so get to it. The MP3 download and stream are located directly under the topics. The new iTunes link is above the shows topics.

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