Saturday, July 3, 2010

PC PC Games - Run for the Hills… The Steam sales are back!

by BlackThunder
Talking about a wide area of topics, but the STEAM sale this week is just crazy. So we all played some new games, or rediscovered some classics. I hope you picked something up… or still will! PC Games for $3 ROCK! ;)

* Steam Sales are back, what did we pick up
* Company of Heroes Online
* DLC can be soooo much fun
* Dragon Age DLC… The Wizzle speaks
* A quick talk about Company of Heroes
* Metal of Honor Beta impressions
* Counter Strike gets major patches… Kommie doesn’t like it
* Yes, we touch on the Iphone issue too
* Cataclysm
* What is Blizzards new MMO gonna lock like?
* Global Agenda totally revamps
* APB will have Audio Commercials
* OnLive, how many bad decisions before they fail?
* MDK HD… fail
* Bioware and Activision give some much needed PC love!
* Is the PC Gaming Crowd less likely to put up with bad Games?

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