Sunday, July 25, 2010

PC PC Games - World of Tanks and some E3 PC centric perspectives

This week on time and with lots of different topics. Some more in detail look at World of Tanks and some insight into APB from a players perspective. Also looking at some of the crazy headlines this week, all sorts of people calling each other by name… ;)

* World of Tanks
* APB, a players perspective
* E3 a special look (The PC is back baby!)
* Bobby Kotick is a D***
* Mark Rein is a bully and got on Cliffes bad side
* Pachter is off his rocker. Yet again!
* Why Valve does it right, and TF2 is still in the top 10 selling games
* Alien Swarm, a Valve freebie
* StarCraft 2 Requirements
* UBI in the NEWS
* More GTX460 info
* Is ATI releasing a new Video Card this year? (6000 series)
* Intel is making major MONEY
* Kommie is looking forward to a game
* Tim Sweeney is apologizing for EPIC
* If you missed the Old Spice on YouTube…you missed a good one
* Don’t miss the opportunity to win a free game!

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